Creator Full Legal Name (birth date [Month dd, yyyy] - death date), followed by Common Credit Name, followed by a brief introduction of 1-3 sentences, including their most notable credits, other careers, and where appropriate, certain biographical details. A good first sentence is something like "[Creator] is a [nationality] [creative role] best known for her [work type/medium] [title]."

See Template:Creator for more information about the {{Creator}} infobox.

At minimum, write the first sentence, include a bibliography, and try to fill in as much of the Creator infobox as possible. If an article is quite short, also include the {{Stub}} template.

Life & Career Edit

Typically creator biographies will not be so in-depth as to require more than one section, but feel free to break it up into other sections as appropriate. Try to keep it as chronological as possible.

Awards & Recognition Edit

"Awards" should focus on awards won, but notable nominations, shortlists, etc. are also acceptable. "Recognition" encompasses everything from lifetime retrospective exhibitions to a character in another's comic being named after them.

Bibliography Edit

Creative Role 1 Edit

  • list works alphabetically
  • or chronologically
  • whichever makes most sense
  • just be consistent

Creative Role 2 Edit

  • separate creative roles
  • only as truly necessary
  • no need for separate
  • "Inker" and
  • "Penciller" sub-categories
  • for the same work
  • however, for example
  • editing a whole anthology
  • and contributing a story
  • are separate roles

External Links Edit

  • Only links that neither:
  • Fit in the Creator infobox
  • Are used substantially as a source
  • Nor fit an end-page template (see below)

Sources Edit

  • Books
  • Links
  • What have you
  • not specifically cited in-line

References Edit

<references />

As applicable:



Nationality(/ies), Creative role(s), Medium(/a), Comics Age(s), Ethnicity(/ies), Religion(s), LGBT?, [Year] Births, [Year] Deaths.

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