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Wimmen's Comix, later titled Wimmin's Comix, was an influential all-female underground comics anthology published by Last Gasp from 1972 to 1992, running 17 issues in total. The title proved a launching pad for many cartoonists' careers, and inspired other small-press and self-published titles.

Fantagraphics released a complete hardcover, two-volume boxset of the series in March 2016, including its predecessor It Ain't Me Babe.


Wimmen's Comix debuted a few years after the publication of the 1970 one-shot (also published by Last Gasp) It Ain't Me Babe, the first American comic book entirely produced by women, and put together by Trina Robbins, the most prolific and influential of the women cartoonists in the underground scene.

The first issue of Wimmen's Comix was edited by musician and artist Pat Moodian. Originally, the group behind Wimmen's Comix was not an official collective, but rather a few women artists who came together with a common interest to create at least one comic that women could get paid to be in, in a male-dominated comix culture. It was also notable for its revolutionary editorial approach. Terry Richards recalls:

"We decided that we would produce an on-going title of comics by women and that we would function as a collective, a term used rather loosely in those days to mean there would be no leader or editor, but instead a rotating editorship, with everyone contributing their energy to the paperwork and general supportiveness of the group."[1]

Each edition was edited by two different women, working together, with lots of feedback from the group, which met regularly in San Francisco, so no one person wielded too much control over the series. In contrast to the "old boys' club" of the male-dominated underground comix, anyone (as long as they were women) was invited to submit work to Wimmen's Comix. Though it covered a wide range of genre and subject matter, Wimmen's Comix focused more than other anthologies of the time on feminist concerns, homosexuality, sex and politics in general, and autobiographical comics.

In 1992, for issue #17, the title was changed to Wimmin's Comix following a discussion over the gender politics of words containing "man" or "men". This and other political conflicts within the collective, along with financial difficulties and the increasing availability of other venues for independent female cartoonists, led to the end of the series after that issue.

Many underground and alternative female cartoonists launched their careers in the pages of Wimmen's Comix. The series also led to further female-focused titles being launched, including Tits & Clits Comix, Dyke Shorts, Twisted Sisters, and Dynamite Damsels; several of Wimmen's Comix contributors subsequently created comics that appeared in these titles.


Issue 1[]

Published November 1972 (Last Gasp)

Editor: Pat Moodian
Cover by Pat Moodian

Issue 2[]

Published 1973 (Last Gasp)

"The Anthology of Women Cartoonists"

Editor: Lee Marrs
Cover by Edna Jundis

  • Wonder Bread by Shelby Sampson
  • Hard Work and No Fun by Aline Kominsky
  • Home Agin by Diane Noomin
  • The S.B.I. Story by Carol Clement
  • Star Cake by Salina and Kay Rudin
  • The Believers by Pat Moodian
  • Overload by Sharon Rudahl and Trina Robbins
  • So, Ya Wanna Be An Artist by Lee Marrs
  • Movin' to the Country by Lora Fountain
  • My Deadly, My Love by Lee Marrs
  • Women's Lib by Margery Peters
  • You Are What You Know by Michele Brand
  • Back Cover by Terry Balawejder

Issue 3[]

Published October 1973 (Last Gasp)

Fun & Games Issue

Editor: Sharon Rudahl
Cover by Lee Marrs

  • A Sordid Affair by Dot Bucher
  • Rip Van Rosie by Trina Robbins
  • Super Gilia by Melinda Gebbie (as Clothilde)
  • Fucked Up by Debbie Holland
  • Turn 'Em On by Shelby Sampson
  • The Great American Dream Scream Game by Melinda Wentzell
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Shayna Madee by Diane Noomin
  • Ever-ready Sta-hard Inflatable Man by Sharon Rudahl
  • Another Throb by Willy Mendes
  • Galactic Freebooter by Sharon Banks and Moria Wright
  • One Night Stand by Simone Bressler
  • ReActionary Comics by Margery Peters (as Petchesky)
  • Feedback by Debbie Holland and Melinda Wentzell
  • back cover by Sharon Rudahl

Issue 4[]

Published 1974 (Last Gasp)

Editor: Shelby Sampson
Cover by Shelby Sampson

  • Hot to Trot by Terry Richards
  • She Chose Crime by Diane Noomin
  • In a Paranoid Vein by Shelby Sampson
  • Cyberfenetics by Lee Marrs
  • The Neighborhood Know-It-All by Lee Marrs
  • Ms Gazzolina Tindert by Melinda Gebbie
  • Goldie Gets By by Aline Kominsky
  • A Modern Romance by Roberta Gregory
  • Stiff Competition by Terry Richards
  • When a Woman is a Man by Dot Bucher
  • The Dread Platform Shoe Addiction of 1974 by Trina Robbins
  • Blood Money by Mark Salditch and Becky Wilson
  • Weremother by Barb Brown and Sharon Banks
  • Back cover by Sharon Rudahl

Issue 5[]

Published June 1975 (Last Gasp)


Editor: Trina Robbins and Terry Richards
Cover by Becky Wilson

  • Getcha Red Hot Comics for Women Here by Trina Robbins
  • The Ugliest Woman in the World by Trina Robbins
  • Ballbreakers by Peti Buchel
  • Weight Watchers by Terry Richards
  • Doin' It! by Joyce Farmer
  • Untitled by Cathy Millet
  • My Kitty Loves to Do the ChaChaCha by Melinda Gebbie
  • Sock Song by Shelby Sampson
  • Untitled by Cathy Millet
  • Die Bubbeh by Sharon Rudahl
  • Styrofoam Funnies by Barb Brown
  • Untitled by Cathy Millet
  • Tiger Lily of Saigon by Dot Bucher
  • Short Skirts by Terry Richards, Pat Daley and Lyn Joy Kroeger
  • Back cover by Lee Marrs

Issue 6[]

Published December 1975 (Last Gasp)

Special Bicentennial Issue

Edited by Becky Wilson and Barb Brown
Cover by Shary Flenniken

  • Victoria the Woodhull by Michele Brand and Mary Skrenes
  • The Underground Railroad by Dot Bucher
  • ReActionary Comics by Margery Peters
  • The Genteel Life of Amalia Pearsall by Christine Powers
  • The Sisters of Salem by Terry Richards
  • The River of Separation by Cecily Lang
  • Katy Cruel by Sharon Rudahl
  • Queen Liliuokalani by Edna Jundis
  • The First White Woman in America by Sharon Farber and Moria Wright
  • Frontier Artist by Roberta Gregory
  • The Lords of Creation by Barb Brown
  • Female Troubles by Sharon Farber
  • 10c a Dance by Melinda Gebbie
  • Equal Rites by Joyce Farmer
  • She Never Lost Spirit by Shelby Sampson
  • Lucky Lady by Trina Robbins

Issue 7[]

Published December 1976 (Last Gasp)


Edited by Melinda Gebbie and Dot Bucher
Cover by Melinda Gebbie

  • Felonious Fashion for the Fatal Femme by Margery Peters
  • Pirates by Rae Page Stimler
  • Protecting Yer Morals by Roberta Gregory
  • Temporary Sanity by Dot Bucher
  • That's Marjorie Munster The Avenger by Chris Powers
  • Chapstick by Terry Richards
  • Corruption's Gleam by Heather Green
  • Petite Morte by Joey Epstein
  • Moonshine Mama by Lee Marrs
  • A Life of Her Own by Joyce Farmer Sutton
  • Basket Case by Shelby Sampson
  • The Confectionary by Melinda Gebbie
  • The Parking Ticket by Cecily Lang
  • Jailbreak at Harmosille by Sharon Rudahl
  • Strangers in the Night by Michele Jurras
  • Dare You Read On? by Melinda Gebbie
  • Back Cover by Dot Bucher

Issue 8[]

Published March 1983 (Last Gasp)

The 21st Century Woman

Edited by Kathryn LeMieux and Lee Binswanger
Cover by Trina Robbins

  • Equal Rites by Lee Marrs
  • Seven Deep Psychological Problems by Lynda Barry
  • Calling All Pests by Lee Binswanger
  • Holding a Torch by Caryn Leschen
  • Sister Blister Undercover Nun Goes on Holiday by Ann Hagler
  • Virginia's Story by Virginia Lombard and Dori Seda
  • Partners by Terry Richards
  • More Sick Cat Jokes by Terry Boyce
  • The Mysogynist by Carol Lay
  • Shop by Lee Binswanger
  • Private Display by Phoebe Gloeckner
  • The Garden Party by Trina Robbins
  • Harry's Revenge by Kathryn LeMieux
  • Unhomogenized Humorby Mary Willshire
  • Effluvium Mantis Canto by Terre Balaweider and Larry Gonick
  • My Resting Place by Sharon Rudahl
  • Sliding by Lee Binswanger
  • I Really Had a Ball Last Night by Dalison Darrow
  • Bar Favorites by Lee Binswanger
  • Back cover: "Rollerettes Against Change" by Melinda Gebbie

Issue 9[]

Published May 1984 (Last Gasp)

Women At Work

Editors: Caryn Leschen and Rosemary Dinegar
Cover Artist: Lee Marrs

  • Introduction: "What do Matzo Balls have to do with Success?": written by Caryn Leschen
  • Liadan and Curithir: written, pencilled, and inked by Trina Robbins, lettered by L. Lois Buhalis
  • A Typical Day at the Office: by Lee Binswanger
  • An Epidemic... Cured by the Pen: by Joyce Farmer
  • Tales of an L.A. Plaything: by Melinda Gebbie
  • Overheard at America's Lunch Counters: by Susan Catherine
  • Those Girl Butchers - Ground Chuck: by Kathryn LeMieux
  • I Can't Work Today: by M.K. Brown
  • The Bunch - Mommie Dearest Bunch: by Aline Kominsky
  • Semantics: by Dallison Darrow
  • Violet - Violet in Paris: by Caryn Leschen
  • DiDi Glitz - Utterly Private Eye: by Diane Noomin
  • Vocational Training: by Phoebe Gloeckner
  • The Day I Forgot How...: by Rosemary Dinegar
  • More Fun Than Food Stamps: by Joyce Farmer
  • Multiple Choice: by Mary Wilshire
  • The Young and the Professional: by Leslie Ewing
  • Coping With Stress For Under One Dollar: by Lynda Barry
  • I Was a Broadway B-Girl (For a Day): by Leslie Sternbergh
  • What Did You Learn Today?: by Sharon Rudahl
  • [Inspected - Rejected]: written, pencilled, and inked by Dori Seda, lettered by Tom Orezechowski

Issue 10[]

Published October 1985 (Last Gasp)

International Politically Incorrect Fetish Issue

Edited by Joyce Farmer
Cover by Joyce Farmer

Issue 11[]

Published April 1987 (Renegade Press)

Fashion Confidential

Editors: Krystine Kryttre and Dori Seda
Cover by Diane Noomin

  • Shoe Thing by Trina Robbins and L. Lois Buhalis
  • Showtime by Mary Fleener
  • Killer Shoes by Leslie Sternbergh
  • Glitz Tips by Diane Noomin
  • Raggy Mood by Krystine Kryttre
  • Dress for Success by Bugs Herbert
  • Fashion as a Losing Battle! by Dori Seda
  • Anticipating the Apocalypse, Nuclear Style by Carel Moiseiwitsch
  • Everybody Loves a Fat Girl written by Dori Seda, art by Barb Rausch
  • "I Dreamt I Went Shopping at a Mahh-velous New Store..." paper dolls by Bugs Herbert, Krystine Kryttre, Diane Noomin, Caryn Leschen, Sophie & Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Trina Robbins, Lee Binswanger. and Dori Seda
  • Control of AIDS by Joyce Farmer
  • Accessory Dos & Don'ts, written by Rebecka Wright and Angela Bocage, art by Angela Bocage
  • Be Yourself by Caryn Leschen
  • Melrose by Sharon Rudahl
  • Dykes To Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel
  • Dress Code by Aline Kominsky-Crumb
  • Barbie at 30+ by Kathryn LeMieux
  • Ot Init by Melinda Gebbie
  • Party Time by Lee Binswanger (back cover)

Issue 12[]

Published November 1987 (Renegade Press)


Edited by Angela Bocage and Rebecka Wright
Cover by Carol Lay
3-D Effects: Ray Zone

  • Breathtaking Bombshells Battle the Bratwurst by Angela Bocage and Rebecka Wright
  • Closed Circuit by Carol Lay
  • The Story of Joe O by Dori Seda
  • Alice's Vanishing Act by Lee Binswanger
  • Louis, Louis by Cynthia Martin and L. Lois Buhalis
  • Just Say "Oh Wow" by Caryn Leschen
  • Good Dog by Krystine Kryttre
  • The Insult That Made a Musician Out of Mel by Rebecka Wright and Blanche Santa Ana
  • Ars Longa by Trina Robbins
  • Why We Do It by Angela Bocage
  • Urbanus Jockitus by Leslie Ewing
  • A Blonde Grows in Brooklyn by Diane Noomin
  • Wild Heat #1 by Angela Bocage
  • Going Through Heavy Changes by Lee Binswanger

Issue 13[]

Published 1988 (Renegade Press)

Occult Issue

Editors: Lee Binswanger and Caryn Leschen
Cover by Krystine Kryttre

  • The Visit by Trina Robbins
  • Ladies by Carol Tyler
  • The Magic Lemon by Caryn Leschen
  • Hoodoo Voodoo by Leslie Ewing
  • Beyond Reason by Joey Epstein
  • The Night by Cécilia Capuana
  • Becoming Normal by Judy Becker
  • Clair de Lune by Rebecka Wright, Barb Rausch and Angela Bocage
  • Ella Gets Her Man by Pauline Murray and Suzy Varty
  • Futures by Angela Bocage
  • Emil's Cafe by Lee Binswanger
  • The Dead Girl by William Clark and Mary Fleener
  • Voodoo Woman by Carel Moiseiwitsch

Issue 14[]

Published November 1987 (Rip-Off Press)

Disastrous Relationships

Edited by Trina Robbins and Deni Loubert
Cover by Trina Robbins

  • People with whom it is well worthwhile cultivating a warm, personal relationship by Sharon Rudahl
  • Editorelle by Trina Robbins
  • Magda Meets the Little Men in the Woods by Phoebe Gloeckner
  • 1st Crush Crushed by Joey Epstein
  • Trauma Mama! by Mary Fleener
  • Loser in Love written by Kate Worley and art by Jackie Urbanovic
  • Don't Ask by Diane Noomin
  • Mid-Dyke Crisis #382 by Leslie Ewing
  • Disastrous Relationshipsland by Caryn Leschen
  • Dinnertime at the Sweetness and Light by Lee Binswanger
  • Sweet Miss Lee by Carol Tyler
  • On the Edge written by Deni Loubert and art by Angela Bocage
  • God and the Devil Get Seriously Pissed by Kathryn LeMieux
  • Guaranteed Get-Over-It Kit by Roberta Gregory
  • Hungry For Love by Julie Hollings
  • Self Defense by Jennifer Camper
  • New Age Same Old Shit (back cover) by Angela Bocage

Issue 15[]

Published 1989 (Rip-Off Press)

Little Girls

Editors: Phoebe Gloeckner and Angela Bocage
Cover by Phoebe Gloeckner

  • Latency Come Lately by Mark Burbey, Angela Bocage
  • Baby Butch Dyke by Leslie Ewing
  • The Day Kennedy Was Shot by Judy Becker
  • Rooge & Pu by Lee Marrs
  • Coming of Age in Canarsie by Diane Noomin
  • When I Have a Little Girl by Sophie Crumb
  • Girlfriend by Sharon Rudahl
  • You know, I'm a very shy girl by Julie Doucet
  • Catholic School by Penny Moran Van Horn
  • Nose Job by Aline Kominsky-Crumb
  • The Mitt by Alison Bechdel
  • Zuzka's Shake-up by Lucie Kalouskova
  • Where is the Efeil Tower by Olivia Clavel
  • Highschool Cut-Out by Linda Crothers
  • The Glasses from Hell by Lee Binswanger
  • It's Only a Matter of Time by Angela Bocage
  • Rooge & Pu by Lee Mars
  • The First Time I Shaved My Legs by Julie Doucet
  • Tampax Again by Julie Doucet
  • Setting Limits by Terry Richards
  • Evolution by Caryn Leschen
  • Self-Portrait by M. K. Brown
  • Sometimes by Deni Loubert, J. Grasberger
  • Pinup by Angela Bocage

Issue 16[]

Published 1989 (Rip-Off Press)


Edited by Rebecka Wright
Cover by Carol Tyler

Issue 17[]

Published 1992 (Rip-Off Press)

Giant 44-Page Kvetch Issue

Edited by Caryn Leschen
Cover by Caryn Leschen

  • Mom Gets Sick! by Trina Robbins
  • Wanda Roux in Douche Bag Lady by Cheela Smith
  • I Married a Hypochondriac by Diane Noomin
  • Caretaker Blues by Andrea Natalie
  • Them Same Ole Blues Again by Suzy Varty
  • Dear Dr. Dean Edell by Aline Kominsky-Crumb
  • I've Got You Under My Skin by Carole Tyrrell
  • Typical Brooklyn Diner by Caryn Leschen
  • Hormone Hostages by S.E. Mills
  • Prickophobia by Angela Bocage
  • There's No Such Thing As a Pregnant Silence by Penny Moran Van Horn
  • Prone-Joan by Joan Hilty
  • Better Living Through Chemistry by Phoebe Gloeckner
  • Gyno Cops by Nancy Husari
  • Transference by M.K. Brown
  • Obsession by Judy Becker
  • A Legacy from My Mother... by Jackie Urbanovic
  • National Health Care by Leslie Ewing
  • Nina's Wonderful World of P.M.S. by Nina Paley
  • Achoo!! (My Adult Life in a Nutshell) (back cover) by Lee Binswanger


L to R: Lee Binswanger, Nancy Husari, Caryn Leschen, Sharon Rudahl, Trina Robbins, Terry Richards, Ron Turner, Rebecka Wright, Lee Marrs, Becky Wilson

From November 10, 2012 to February 7, 2013, the San Francisco Public Library exhibited a retrospective of Wimmen's Comix work, curated by Terry Richards.[2]

Contributer Aline Kominsky-Crumb, whose first published comics work appeared in Wimmen's Comix #1, has mixed feelings about the title:

When I look back at those early Wimmen’s Comix, they are just terrible. The work is so bad, it’s so unprofessional. A lot of it’s not funny; a lot of it is sort of humor impaired real militant feminist stuff that’s silly. Not much of it holds up. The good part of it was that everybody got a chance; it was very democratic. The bad part was there was no quality control.[3]

The Complete Wimmen's Comix was published by Fantagraphics in 2016, edited by Trina Robbins. It also included It Ain't Me Babe and an introduction by Robbins. The collection won the 2017 Eisner Award for Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books.

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