Team Girl Comic was a collective and anthology series founded and edited by Gill Hatcher, based out of Glasgow, Scotland. Hatcher published the first issue in 2009 to showcase her female friends in the Glasgow comics scene and as a means to attract more people to it. Subsequent issues featured a broad array of talent from all over Scotland. The series fostered a social community and became a fixture at British conventions.

In 2013 and 2014, they ran webcomics on their site, which in December 2014 transitioned into a PDF format "newspaper webcomic", the TGC Times. In July 2017, they published a themed anthology called That Girl Comic.

On December 12, 2017, Hatcher announced the end of the Team Girl Comic collective, as she no longer felt able to give the enterprise the time and attention it required.[1]


Issue 1Edit

We are all girls but we’re not just for girls! Featuring indie boys (what they really think), your make-up disasters and Punjabi-speaking cats. Plus more!

Published March 2011

Cover by Gill Hatcher

  • "The Phantom of the Opera" by Katie Pope
  • Untitled by Gill Hatcher
  • Suffragists by Nondo
  • Jesty Pesty: Pudding & Pie by Gill Hatcher
  • For the Love of Edward by Jessica Hatcher
  • Decision –or- How To Make Mooli Paratha by Heather Middleton
  • Attack of the Killer Duck by Emma McLuckie
  • A Friday Night by Nondo
  • Evolution of the Indie Boy by Katie Pope
  • Twi Won't You Shut Up? by Jessica Hatcher
  • Jesty Pesty: A Cosmetic History by Gill Hatcher
  • Sweets by Nondo
  • The Bears by Gill Hatcher
  • Valentine's High by Katie Pope
  • Introducing...Sausage Bear! by Gill Hatcher
  • "I'm Lonely" by Katie Pope

Issue 2Edit

TGC back with more people and more power! In this second issue we have road rage, chainsaw massacre, the war on perverts and midgie attacks. And of course a fair share of zombies, ghosts and all things that go bump in the night. Not only that but we have our own special advice on being a genius, going out and looking good.

Published July 2011

Cover by Gill Hatcher

  • Wicker Man by Rowan Smith
  • I Want You by Mhairi Hislop
  • Girl Genius in "Uninvited Advice" by Gill Hatcher
  • Barry the Ghost by Emma McLuckie
  • Minimum Wage by Coleen Campbell
  • Inspiration by Nondo
  • Heather's Spooky Tail, written by Heather Middleton, art by Penny Sharp
  • "It's a Friday Night in Peckham..." by Jude Stoo
  • Do You Know Your Zombies? by Mhairi Hislop
  • Jesty Pesty Pudding and Pie by Gill Hatcher
  • How to Lose Your Mind by Claire Yvette
  • A Moment of Clarity by Coleen Campbell
  • Night of the Living Messiah! by Heather Middleton
  • Dress Smart - Stay Safe by Mhairi Hislop
  • McMidge by Karena Moore
  • "My Name is Nondo and I Have Road Rage" by Nondo
  • Beware - Perverts! by Gill Hatcher
  • Fish Chat by Emma McLuckie
  • Be Prepared by Mhairi Hislop
  • A Day in a Cat's Life by Jessica Hatcher
  • Furbies in Employment by Gill Hatcher

Issue 3Edit

TGC have gone all sophisticated for their third issue…sort of. We still love robots, sweeties and sci-fi but we’re also into long walks, bear hugs, romantic encounters and true love.

Published November 2011

Cover by Mhairi Hislop and Gill Hatcher

  • Bear Hug by Purdy
  • Modern Princess by Coleen Campbell
  • The Bears... by Gill Hatcher
  • Paws Please by Karena Moore
  • Do You Know Your Future by Penny Sharp
  • Welcome Home by Kat Sicard
  • The Robot by Emma McLuckie
  • Twee Girl by Steff
  • Jesty Pesty in "A Monster" by Gill Hatcher
  • The Interns by Mhari Hislop
  • Boris by Nondo
  • Pheome by Penny Sharp
  • Opposite Sides by Laura Armstrong
  • Kids!! by Sue-Yin Lau
  • The Other Side by Heather Middleton
  • Dream #26 by Penny Sharp
  • McMidge by Karena Moore
  • The Bears in The 1000p Mixup by Gill Hatcher
  • A Sunday Stroll by Kat Sicard
  • "Always feel like you're locking horns?" by Penny Sharp
  • Modern Princess #2 by Coleen Campbell
  • 'Brain Bulb by Pearl Kinnear

Issue 4Edit

The fourth issue of TGC, featuring unrealistic childhood expectations, awkward teenage experiences and confusing adult relationships. Plus fun!

Published February 2012

Cover by: Evy Craig

Back Cover by Gill Hatcher

Issue 5Edit

The fifth issue was the first to be funded partially by a Kickstarter campaign, which also funded reprinting the first two issues. $1,741 was raised by 74 backers. The comic was officially launched at the Glasgow Merchant City Festival on July 26, 2012.[2]
With more pages and more contributors than ever before, the fifth issue of TGC was funded by our Kickstarter campaign in June 2012. Featuring heartbreak, worries, job loss and bullies. Plus jokes!

Cover by: Coleen Campbell

Issue 6Edit

TGC are top of the class with their sixth issue, featuring childhood terrors, lessons in love, girl rivalry and all our usual mischief, as well as a few more poignant moments too.

Published November 2012

Cover by M.J. Wallace

Issue 7Edit

It’s issue 7 of Team Girl Comic, featuring an eclectic mix of stories from Scotland’s favourite all-female comix collective! Join us as we revisit the girl comics of yore, party like it’s 1949 and bash those bothersome bullies. All this and plenty more drama inside.

Published February 2013

Cover by Penny Sharp

Issue 8Edit

Roll up roll up! Be prepared to be enthralled by our comics collection showcasing women artists from Scotland. Feast your eyes upon our tales of mystery, intrigue, excitement and more!

Published July 2013

Cover by Iona "Nondo" Mowat

Issue 9Edit

Come on a journey through the murky depths of TGC9!

Published November 2013

Cover by Coralie Bouguerra

Issue 10Edit

Party on down with TGC and friends! To celebrate our tenth issue, we are launching a bumper-sized issue (56 pages of content!) featuring 22 brand new stories from TGC regulars, new contributors and special guests.

Published July 2014

Cover by Claire JC Stewart

Issue 11 Edit

Join Scotland’s all-female anthology on an epic journey through time & space…with words and pictures! You’ll encounter monstrous creatures and unlikely friendships along the way. The journey will be emotional and maybe a little bit scary too, but our stories will guide you back to Earth.

Published July 2015

Cover by Maki Yamazaki

Issue 12 Edit

It’s time for the 12th issue of Team Girl Comic to take centre stage. Join swashbuckling actress and pioneering female cartoonist Marie Duval as we storm through tales of comedy, tragedy and romance. We’ve even included some classic comic strip history. The cover depicts our hero, moments before injury by a misfiring stage gun. Find out what happens next inside!

Published July 2016

Cover by Honeypears

Webcomic and TGC Times Edit

Starting in 2013, the collective began running a weekly webcomic strip on their site.[3] Much like Six Chix, a different cartoonist would contribute each week, but there was no regular rotation schedule. In December 2014, they changed the format to a one page, themed PDF "newspaper webcomic" featuring five to seven creators doing one strip each.[4]

Webcomic Contributors Edit

Gill Hatcher, M.J. Wallace, Cacachute, Steff Allan, Honeypears, Kat Sicard, Claire JC Stewart, Miriam Kendrick, Amanda 'Hateball' Stewart, Toni Zhang, Lucy Porter, Moogs Kewell, Shona Heaney, Jennifer Sinclair, and Hannah Nixon.

TGC Times Edit

December 2014 - "Winter" Edit

Featuring Jay Gray, Gill Hatcher, Eilidh Nicolson, Jef Sinclair, Clare Forrest, M.J. Wallace, and Shona Heaney.

February 2015 - "Music" Edit

Featuring Gill Hatcher, Shona Heaney, Ren Wednesday, Lucy Licious, Maki Yamazaki, MJ Wallace, and Eilidh Nicolson.

September 2015 - "Changes" Edit

Featuring M.J. Wallace, Gill Hatcher, Lucy Ann Porter, Shona Heaney, Clare Forrest, and Gayle McKenzie.

January 2016 - "Cooking" Edit

Featuring Gill Hatcher, M.J. Wallace, Sasha Del Buyl-Pisco, Amanda Stewart, Kirsty Hunter, and Shona Heaney.

November 2016 - "Space" Edit

Featuring Amy Tucker, Lucy Porter, Gill Hatcher, M.J. Wallace, and Ren Wednesday.

That Girl Comic Edit

In 2017, the collective launched That Girl Comic, a themed anthology series. The first issue tackled the topic of "growing up". The Kickstarter campaign raised £1,287 by 100 backers in May 2017[5], and the comic was launched on June 28, 2017.[6]

Issue 1 Edit


Cover by Ren Wednesday

External LinksEdit


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