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Nicole Sixx is a published and noted author in the fields of comics, science fiction, and horror.

Life & Career[]

She first broke out as a pop culture journalist specializing in comics and television. While known for covering major publications and studio productions, Sixx took great strides to promote the independent arts and later went on to start a small Public Relations firm geared at growing small but clear fan bases into larger more public ones. She also writes a free monthly science fiction serial for the google certified ThreeIfBySpace.net titled "Nina the Intergalactic Demon Slayer". She currently resides in Hollywood with her cousin and two cats




  • Carousel Boys
  • Tricky Treats
  • The Keeper

Public Relations[]

  • Womanthology: Heroic Kickstarter
  • Agent 88 Kickstarter
  • John Carpenter's Asylum
  • Ultrasylvania Vol 3: The Book of the Damned Kickstarter