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Isabelle Emilie de Tessier (b. Paris, c. 1850; d. 1890) was an actress, cartoonist and nonsense poet who worked on the pioneering comic strip "Ally Sloper", which first appeared in 1867 in the British comic paper Judy, under the pseudonym Marie Duval. Originally brought in to ease the workload of the strip's creator, C. H. Ross, by inking his pencils, she took over the art completely by 1870, considerably improving the graphic quality of the strip. Her strips were reprinted in Ally Sloper: A Moral Lesson (1873), Ally Sloper's Comic Crackers (1875-1887), and Ally Sloper's Summer Number (1880-88). She also edited C. H. Ross's Variety Paper. She married Ross about 1869. Ross sold all rights to the character in the early 1880s, and when the regular paper Ally Sloper's Half Holiday was launched in 1884 it was drawn by other artists, although it did include reprints of Ross and de Tessier's strips with signatures removed.

De Tessier produced numerous spot illustrations, cartoons and full page comic strips for Judy and Fun, and was the author of Queens and Kings and Other Things (1880), a collection of illustrated nonsense verse published under the pseudonym of Princess Hesse Schwartzbourg.


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