Sondra Leah Adezio (September 11, 1960 - January 16, 2007) was an American comics artist and member of Friends of Lulu.

Adezio was born in Newton, New Jersey, to Edwin and Marylyn Fogelson. She had two brothers, Scott and Brian, and one sister, Renée.

With Elayne Riggs, she contributed a short story to the Friends of Lulu Storytime anthology that they later attempted to expand into a 6-issue miniseries called Ari of Lemuria, about a child who lived undersea. However, the project went unfinished after her husband, David, passed away in 2003, leaving her with two sons, Stephen and Daniel.

She died at the age of 46 of liver and kidney failure at the Central Montgomery Medical Center in Pennsylvania. In her honor, Friends of Lulu named their "Most Kid-Friendly Work" award after her.

Bibliography Edit

  • Bad Girl Backlash! #1 (AC Comics, December 1995)
    • Framing story between features (inks)
  • A Distant Soil #19 (Image Comics, April 1997)
    • Fan-art
  • Emma Davenport #9 (Lohman Hills Press, August 1996)
    • "Lyle" pin-up
  • Femforce Pin-Up Portfolio #5 (AC Comics, 1995)
  • Storytime
    • "Out Of Their Depth" (art and co-written with Elayne Riggs)

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