The Ladydrawers Comics Collective is a loosely affiliated group of cartoonists and researchers who study how economics, race, sexuality, and gender impact the comics industry, other media, and the culture at large. They publish their findings primarily in comics form.

The group started out as students from the "Ladydrawers: Gender and Comics" class at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, taught and spearheaded by Anne Elizabeth Moore, researching the role of gender in the comics industry.

Publications Edit

Women's Comics Anthology (2007/2010) Edit

Women's Comics Anthology is a short anthology edited by Anne Elizabeth Moore and James Payne. It includes work by creators of all genders and comments on the gender disparities found in other comics anthologies and in the industry as a whole.


Unladylike (2011) Edit

Contents Edit

  • Julie Doucet by Abraham Lampert
  • Mansplaining by Nicole Boyett
  • Stanley Ebert Accidentally Discusses Laura Mulvey by Sarah Samways
  • On Danforth's Obstetrics and Gynecology by Rachel Swanson
  • Silence by Emily Barta
  • The Veil by Emily Barta
  • Mystery Postcards Hit Mailboxes by Nicole Boyett and Sarah Welch
  • An Interview with Gabrielle Bell by Sarah Samways
  • Where Are All the Girls? by Nicole Boyett
  • Selected Answers to a Question about Personal Relationships by Sarah Welch and Abraham Lampert
  • Timeline by Pat Guizzetti
  • Excerpts from an Interview with Lynda Barry by Abraham Lampert
  • Pink Kitten by Sarah Welch
  • Alison Bechdel by Pat Guizzetti
  • Critics Corner by Pat Guizzetti and Sarah Samways
  • You Are Not Alone by Rachel Swanson
  • Carbuncle Bingo
  • Crimefighting Cleavage [Bingo]
  • Opportunities for Women in Independent Comics
  • Surveys on using female-gendered names professionally
  • Anatomy of a Ladydrawer

Hand Job: A Labor of Love (2012) Edit

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