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Kelly Turnbull (born September 20) is a Canadian cartoonist and animator currently living in Los Angeles. She is known for her work on shows such as Big Soul, Ugly Americans (Season 1), and Good Vibes.

Life & Career[]

Turnbull was born in Northern Manitoba, Canada. In 2006, she attended Sheridan Institute of Art and Design for and completed the Bachelors of Applied Arts: Animation program. Shortly after graduating, she began work in Toronto for various studios such as Cuppa Coffee Studios.

Deconstructions of gender roles and stereotypes are the main focus in her personal works, such as her webcomic, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. Various characters, such as Duke Nukem, Kratos (God of War), and Sten (Dragon Age: Origins) are regularly shown to struggle with integrating with modern society due to their behaviours associated with being "Manly Men." Characters, usually from game franchises, deal with topics including: woman's role in the media, hypermasculinity, video game cliches versus reality, internet memes, feminism and men's issues. Other issues, such as trans rights or female comic book heroes, are discussed more in-depth on her personal tumblr or comment section.



  • Big Soul
  • Ugly Americans, Season 1
  • Good Vibes, MTV


  • Coliseum, Deviantart OCT Project
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
  • Womanthology

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