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Kelly Sue DeConnick (born July 15, 1970) is a writer of Western comics and adaptation editor of manga. She is best known for her work on Captain Marvel. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, fellow comics writer Matt Fraction, and their two children, Henry Leo and Tallulah Louise.

Life and Career[edit | edit source]

DeConnick grew up on military bases and traces her love of comics to the culture of GIs swapping comics on the bases.[1] She has a B.A. in Drama from the University of Texas at Austin, '93. She started out writing in comics journalism, and she assisted a few novelists, including Maggie Estep.[2] Neil Gaiman named her in the acknowledgements of his novel American Gods, which led her friend, editor Jamie S. Rich, to recommend her to Tokyopop when they were looking for a "Princess Mononoke feel" (Gaiman had written the English dialogue for the film) for their translation of Demon Diary.[3] This started her career of editing and adapting English translations of manga.

She moved into writing for Western comics, for such titles as "30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella," which she co-wrote with Steve Niles, and several of the short stories that appeared in "Comic Book Tattoo", an anthology of stories based on the works of musician Tori Amos.

She started writing for Marvel when her husband, Matt Fraction, was talking with Editor Alejandro Arbona about the Women of Marvel Initiative and Fraction suggested DeConnick for some of the projects. After reviewing samples of her work, Arbona blind-submitted them to editor Ralph Macchio, who then asked for pitches. Only after her pitches were accepted did she reveal that she was Fraction's wife.[4] She ultimately wrote the "Sif" and "Rescue" one-shots, as well as a story in Girl Comics. She wrote the Osborn miniseries, pencilled by Emma Rios, starting a relationship which has resulted in numerous collaborations.

In 2012, she begain writing the new Captain Marvel title for Marvel, launching Carol Danvers as the new Captain Marvel. Soon after, she began writing Avengers Assemble.

At Dark Horse, she wrote a Ghost miniseries, relaunching that title after a year absence. It was successful enough to gain an ongoing series, also written by DeConnick.

In 2013, she and Ríos will be launching their creator-owned Western title Pretty Deadly at Image Comics.

She has worked on books published by Oni Press, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics. 

Her relationship with Fraction started on the old Warren Ellis Forums on Delphi. They married a year to the day after their first phone call, which she claims lasted for nine hours.[5]

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