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Kathryn Immonen (née Kuder) is a Canadian comic book and webcomic writer.

Life and Career[]

When Immonen finished university, she worked as a costume designer and builder for film and theater. For 20 years she produced a number of comics with her husband Stuart, including “punk murder mystery” Playground and anthology Headcheese in the ’80s, Criminal Insects, and webcomics Never as Bad as You Think and Moving Pictures.

In 2007 she began working for Marvel Comics writing a Hellcat story, with Stuart providing the art, for the first four issues of Marvel Comics Presents. This was followed in 2008 by a five issue Patsy Walker: Hellcat mini-series,this time with artist David Lafuente. In May 2009, Immonen became writer for the Marvel Comics’ award-winning series, Runaways with artist Sara Pichelli. Later, she and artist Tonji Zonjic teamed up on the mini-series Heralds, featuring an all-female cast of main characters. Coming up soon with Marvel is the miniseries Wolverine and Jubilee, and another indie project with Stuart, Russian Olive to Red King.



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  • The CBLDF Presents: Liberty Comics (2008)#2
  • Drawing the Line (2004) OGN SC
  • Girl Comics (2010) #2
  • Heralds (2010) #1-5
  • Journey Into Mystery #646-ongoing
  • Marvel Comics Presents (2007) #1-4
  • Marvel Heartbreakers (2010) #1
  • Moving Pictures (2010) OGN SC
  • Never As Bad As You Think (2007) TPB
  • Patsy Walker: Hellcat (2008) #1-5
  • Runaways (2008) #11-14
  • Spider-Man: A Chemical Romance (2009) #1
  • Superman 80-Page Giant (2010) #1
  • Wolverine and Jubilee (2011) #1-4
  • X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back (2010) #1-4


  • Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990) #3
  • Superman 80-Page Giant (2010) #1


  • Superman 80-Page Giant (2010) #1


  • Superman 80-Page Giant (2010) #1


  • Rock N' Roll Comics (1989) #37
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