Joyce Farmer, also credited as Joyce Sutton, (born 1938) is an American comics artist and writer best known for her work in the underground comix movement.

With Lyn Chevli, she created the feminist anthology comic book series Tits & Clits Comix in 1975. They had formed their own publishing company, Nanny Goat Productions, to counter the sexism they saw in male-produced underground comix of that time. Apart from Tits & Clits, they also produced a comic about abortion, "Abortion Eve", in 1973. Joyce also contributed to the other all-woman comix publication, Wimmen's Comix. In 2000, Farmer published her work in magazine Zero-Zero.

In 2010, she published Special Exits, a semiautobiographical graphic novel recording her experience dealing with her elderly father and mother.

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