Joumana Medlej (born 1979 in Beirut, Lebanon) was brought up on Franco-Belgian comics and already interested in comic theory at the age of 12. Comics were the platform through which she taught herself to draw and she told her stories on paper, spending every single recess hour, in high school, making comics in the library. Her subject matter of choice, at the time, were real-life adventures she'd enjoyed with the scouts, as well as fantasy stories based on places she'd traveled to and loved.

Comic-making was perforce put on the back burner when she entered university for a graphic design degree, the study and then practice of which consumed her life for the next decade. It was in late 2006 she began writing and drawing her (and Lebanon's) first long-standing adventure series, Malaak, Angel of Peace, which was published in English and French. This first volume was followed by 2. Battles and Scars, 3. Dark Dreams, and 4. Marked by Fire. Volume 5, Citadel of the Jinn, was not published on paper but is available on the website, as are all the previous ones. The 6th and final volume was long delayed by Joumana's move from Beirut to London and her need to re-establish herself from scratch, but is currently in the works.

In parallel to the Malaak saga, Joumana published the vector-based hit comic Driving in Lebanon and a small volume, Dragi & Me, interlacing short strips and tweets inspired by her beloved pet parrot. Currently she is blending two passions by making recipe comics under the title Quick Food, Not Fast Food.

Joumana has participated in international comic festivals including Angoulême, Algeria, Yerevan and the Hay Festival. Her work has been featured in Lucca and Rome.

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