Jasika Nicole (born 1980), the stage name of Jasika Nicole Pruitt, is an American actress and illustrator from Birmingham, Alabama. She is most famous for portraying the character of Astrid Farnsworth in the TV series Fringe. She draws comics in her spare time and posts them on her website.

Life and CareerEdit

Nicole is the oldest of four children. Her youngest sister is autistic, which was the subject of one of her first comics [1] In high school, she performed in show choir. She later studied dance, voice and theatre at Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina, before moving to New York City to pursue her career in acting. She starred opposite Bronson Pinchot in the title role of the world premiere of the musical “Chasing Nicolette,” and has appeared in several stage productions, most notably in the off-Broadway ‘60s musical “Café A Go Go” and the world premiere of “Believe In Me…A Bigfoot Musical” at the 2004 NYC Fringe Festival.

Nicole made her feature film debut in the ballroom-dancing movie “Take the Lead” with Antonio Banderas, and soon after landed an appearance on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” She was also cast as the villain in the highly praised sitcom pilot “Mastersons of Manhattan” written by Gary Janetti, starring Natasha Richardson and Molly Shannon and directed by James Burrows. She also had a recurring role on FOX’s “The Return of Jezebel James” with Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose. She has been open about being queer since she started dating women while she was filming Take the Lead; she is currently partnered with photographer Claire Savage.[2]

She started reading comics with Alison Bechdel's Fun Home and Ariel Schrag's Likewise.[3] She groups her comics, which are mostly autobiographical, under the title "High Yella Magic". She is currently working on a new comic called "Closetalkers," about the evolution of the relationship between two women who are long-time friends and roommates when it turns out that one is in love with the other.[4]

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