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Girls Drawn Wild! is a comics anthology edited by Chelsea Novak and published by Happy Harbor Comics, a comics shop in Edmonton, Canada. It features 11 stories of various genres, with strong female protagonists. Thirteen writers and artists contributed to the anthology. All profits were donated to organizations that help women.


Cover by Joanne Mutch

  • Gut Feeling by Susanne Shaver
  • Power Dressing by Trina Robbins and Devon Jopling
  • Driver by Agata Laguniak
  • Untitled by Anneke van Steijn
  • The List: A Modern Romance by Janet Hetherington
  • Acer Rubrum by Joanne Mutch
  • Wulfdottir by Tammy Lee
  • Material Instinct by Fiona Staples
  • Future Vision by Catherine Abel
  • Snicker Snack by Mary Borsellino and Audrey Fox

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