Françoise Pichard (born November 2, 1941[1]), also known as Chard and Pscharr, is a French cartoonist, best known for her editorial cartoons and her illustrations for children's books.

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Pichard was born in Lion-en-Sullias, France, to illustrator Jean Pichard.

With extreme-right views, her cartoons have been published in the weekly paper Rivarol since 1967, in the daily paper Présent since 1982, in Signal d'Alarme since its founding in April 2006, and in the monthly newsletter of "Nouvelle Droite" ("New Right") essayist Guillaume Faye.

In addition to her own political cartoons, she illustrates works by other right-wing authors as well as various works for young audiences.

On November 9, 1994, she was found guilty by the 17th chamber of the Tribunal de grande instance of Paris on the charge of conspiracy to provoke discrimination, hate, or violence against the black community for a cartoon published in Rivarol on March 4, 1994. On November 1, 2006, she was awarded the second place prix ex-aequo (roughly, the "both sides" prize) from the International Holocaust Cartoons Contest (an initiative of an Iranian newspaper) for her denialist cartoon; however, she claimed that she had not authorized the cartoon's entry into the contest and refused the award.[2] She has also dedicated another work to the denialist Ernst Zündel.[3]

She became the publisher of the Présent in June 2016.


As ChardEdit

  • le Chardnaval de la Ve - (collection of Rivarol cartoons, 1982)
  • le Chardnaval socialiste (collection of Rivarol cartoons, 1986), recueil de dessins parus dans Rivarol
  • Chard à la une de Présent (collection of Présent cartoons)
  • ABC de la société plurielle (Éditions des Tuileries, 1987)
  • Chard... gez ! : Chard 1989-1991 : le combat national en dessins (Éditions Nationales, 1991)
  • 20 ans de malheur (Tuileries, 1995)
  • De droite à gauche, 1993-1997 : 215 dessins publiés dans "Rivarol" (Tuileries, 1997)
  • La France métisse de A à Z (Tuileries, 2002)
  • Sarko prézydent ! (Tuileries, 2004)
  • Ma déclaration des Droits de l'homme (Tuileries, 2005)

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