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Colleen Coover (born July 14, 1969) is a comic book artist, based in Portland, Oregon. She is probably best known as creator of the lesbian-themed erotic comic book Small Favors from Eros Comix, illustrator of the comic book limited series Banana Sunday from Oni Press, and the digital-first series Bandette.

Life and CareerEdit

Coover was born in Iowa. She identifies as bisexual. Her first major comics work was Small Favors, a "girly porno comic" for adults. Small Favors tells the story of two women, Annie and Nibbil, who enthusiastically enjoy sexual romps with each other and with several pretty friends. She followed it up with the all-ages Banana Sunday, with Paul Tobin. Banana Sunday is a lighthearted story of friendship, loyalty, with teen romance and angst and talking monkeys.

Coover has contributed comic work to Out magazine and has done illustration and cover design for various publications, including On Our Backs, Girlfriends, Curve, Kitchen Sink, and Nickelodeon Magazine; and for publishers including Buckle Down Publishing, Alyson Books, Cleis Press, and Dark Horse Comics. She has also contributed back-up comics to such all-ages superhero titles as X-Men: First Class, Wolverine: First Class, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, The Age of the Sentry, Power Pack, and Thor and the Warriors Four. Her latest work is the graphic novel Gingerbread Girl, written by Paul Tobin. She and Tobin are currently releasing chapters of Bandette, a web-first comic series about a likable thief, through Monkeybrain Inc via Comixology.  

Coover is a member of Periscope Studio and the Comic Art Collective. She met her frequent collaborator and husband, Paul Tobin, at a drama class and would go on to meet again at a local comic book store she regularly frequented. Coover and Tobin were married in August 2007.


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