Caryn A. Tate is the writer and creator of the comic book Red Plains, as well as a published children's book writer. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

Life and CareerEdit

Coming from a long line of cowboys and cowgirls, Caryn has spent most of her life on working cattle ranches and farms throughout the American West and has witnessed the disappearance and evolution of much of the West as we know it.

These experiences have served to inform much of Caryn's writing on the ongoing comic Red Plains, which is published regularly online at Top Shelf 2.0 and is now being released for sale digitally with bonus content including audio commentary, concept art, and more.

In addition to her comics work, Caryn collaborated with artist Noel Tuazon on the 2005 publication of children's picture book Sunny Bear's Rainy Day, the first in a forthcoming series of children's books .



  • Sunny Bear's Rainy Day (2005)
  • Red Plains (2008 - )

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