Ann Brewster, the penname of Shirley Sonya Zweifach (November 20, 1918 - July 9, 2005), was a Golden Age artist who was affiliated with studios like Binder, Chesler, Iger, as well as Simon and Kirby's Prize Comics.

Life and CareerEdit

Brewster's earliest known credit is "Samar" for Quality Comics (1941). She then did art on Fawcett's "Bulletman" and "Mr. Scarlet", before becoming an inker on "Blackstone" for Street & Smith, and "Rip Carson" and "The Hawk" for Fiction House. Brewster was a longtime inker on Gilberton's 'Classics Illustrated' series (1945-1961), most famously on their adapation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Her pencil work appeared on features like Chesler's "Yankee Girl", Avon's "The Saint", "Igor the Archer" and "Madelon" for EC, and Feature Comics's "Jr. Rangers" and "Yank and Doodle". For Better Publications, she did a feature called "Hobby Corner". She also contributed to Lev Gleason's Crime Does Not Pay, EC's Crime Patrol and Eastern Color Printing's Heroic Comics.

In the 1950s Brewster was mainly present in the Timely/Atlas romance titles, as well as in All True Crime Cases, Crime Must Lose, Space Worlds and Journey into Mystery. She also did romance stories for Fawcett, DC Comics and Feature Comics. For Gilberton, she contributed to "The World Around Us" between 1958 and 1961, which was likely her last comics work.




Book IllustrationEdit

  • Bible Stories to Read Aloud, written by Oscar Weigle (Wonder Books, 1962)
  • "The Nighthawks", Humpty Dumpty's Magazine for Little Children, written by Helen Hoover (1966)
  • Animal Atlas of the World, written by E. L. Jordan (Hammond Map Company, 1969)
  • Silver Wolf, written by Paige Dixon (Atheneum Books, 1973)
  • The Dell Encyclopedia of Dogs (Delacorte Press, 1974)
  • "The Nest Builders", Humpty-Dumpty's Magazine for Little Children, written by Hal Borland (Sept 1974)
  • What is a Mammal?, written by Jenifer W. Day (Golden Look-Look Books, 1975)


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